About Us Frogs Bit

Frogs Bit consists of 555 frogs with 15 million possible combinations with 150+ unique parts available in the lower layers of the Solana Blockchain.

Frogs BitRoadmap

Phase 1 Art generation, social media
555 Frogs Bit have been created, with nearly 15 million unique combinations and over 150 specially drawn pieces.
Twitter launched!
Website launched!
Discord launched!
Agreements were made with secondary marketplaces. (Magiceden)
Phase 2 Marketing
NFT Giveaways
sticker for WhatsApp, Discord, and Telegram
Phase 3 HOLDER
We will giveaway the following to those who will join our discord channel and share their images until 25.04.2022 at 23:00 UTC:
  • Anyone Who Buys Over 20 NFTs (20 NFT Owners NFTs) - Limited to 30
  • Anyone Who Buys Over 30 NFTs (30 NFT Owners NFTs) - Limited to 20
  • Anyone Who Buys Over 50 NFTs (50 NFT Owners NFTs) - Limited to 10
  • Anyone Who Buys Over 100 NFTs (Special NFT drawing with the desired character or outfits) - Unlimited
Phase 4 Floor
We will giveaway the following before 15.05.2022 UTC at 23:00
When the floor is 0.10 - Collector NFT Sweeper to 100 people among buyers
When the floor is 0.25 - Collector NFT Machine and 2 SOL giveaway to 30 people among buyers
When the floor is 0.50 - Collector NFT Dozer and 3 SOL giveaway to 20 people among buyers
Phase 5 Updates
Roadmap updates...

Frogs BitFAQs

Frogs Bit is a collection of 555 randomly generated frogs roaming the Solana blockchain.

Mint on April 22!

555 Frogs Bit

The mint will be 0.05 SOL. a very low fee set to prevent bots from making too many requests and getting ahead of other people to buy.

Our only marketplace will be Magiceden.

Rarities will be shared shortly after launch.

Holders of Frogs Bit NFT will be part of our exclusive DAO, which entitles holders to airdrops and rewards. Each Frogs Bit NFT that you hold will give you more voting power in the community and get you more control over the project future.

You can use any Solana blockchain wallet. We recommend using a Phantom wallet.